Walk-In Appointments (Currently Not Available)

Walk-In Appointments

Here When You Need Us

Thanks to our convenient location on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, British Columbia, we operate on a walk-in basis for all existing patients. This means that once you’ve been in for your initial appointment, you can walk in at any time and have your condition treated as soon as possible. No appointment necessary. If you are looking to book your first appointment at the clinic, you can do so here.

How It Works

Our clinic operates without a receptionist, so upon arriving at the clinic we ask that you:
  1. Walk up to the tablet kiosk—You can’t miss it!
  2. Sign in using our tablet waitlist system with your first and last name
    Don’t worry, only the practitioner can see your name (Note: Mobile phone entry is optional and only required if you wish to receive a text message containing a link with updates as to your place on the waitlist).
  3. Take note of the current number of people waiting
    Account for approximately 10-15 minutes of waiting time for each person ahead of you.
  4. Take a seat in the waiting room or feel free to walk along the Drive
    Please be mindful of your timing if you choose to leave. If you are not present at the time you are next on the waitlist, you will lose your place in the queue.
  5. Be greeted and get treated