Get Back Up There.

Rain won’t stop you — but pain might.

If you find yourself slowing down due to injuries or pain, let Alpine Sport + Spine help. Specializing in musculoskeletal recovery and functional performance, we want to see you reaching your health and activity goals. Don’t let pain keep you down.
Get back up there.

Straightforward Chiropractic Care

Alpine Sport + Spine is a chiropractic clinic located on Commercial Drive in Vancouver British Columbia, providing evidence-based and patient-centered chiropractic care. Through careful assessment, we pursue an accurate diagnosis followed by treatment and prevention strategies, so that you can get back to doing what you love—or what you need to be doing. Work or play, we want to help.

Surrounded by the beauty of supernatural British Columbia, we are explorers and adventurers.

Whether it is alpine climbs, city bike rides or workplace pursuits,
we want you to “get back up there.”